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Understanding the Connection Between Mold and Moisture

For those who have never dealt with mold exposure or learned about its effects in the past, it’s important to understand how harmful it can be. Mold exposure can lead to increased respiratory issues like asthma or allergies in limited quantities, and can help cause even more significant issues like pneumonia or bronchitis when exposure…

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Sources of ENT Symptoms That Indicate Poor Air Quality

There are several potential air quality concerns that may have an impact on human health, and these can be particularly risky when they’re found in a home or building you spend frequent time in. Limited air quality can lead to negative health effects in several areas, from respiratory concerns to certain long-term conditions and much…

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Causes and Prevention Methods for Indoor Air Pollution

Most people associate the word “pollution” primarily with outdoor areas, but this is actually a bit of a misnomer. Indoor air can actually become far more polluted than outdoor air in many cases, leading to potential health issues, breathing problems and even damage to certain areas of your home or building. At Wasatch Clean Air,…