AC Coil Cleaning

Your A/C coils do an important job in your Omaha, Nebraska, home or business, and that’s why it’s important that they be kept in good working order. At Midwest Clean Air, we offer annual A/C coil cleaning services for our local customers.

Your air conditioner has two sets of coils — evaporator coils and condenser coils — and both are critically important to your system’s operation of your system.

The condenser coils are near the outside of your unit, and as such as particularly prone to becoming choked with dust and debris.

A/C units are typically located outside, which makes them vulnerable to filling up with leaves and other yard debris. If your unit is in or near a grassy area that you mow all season long, this could contribute significantly to the debris buildup on your condenser coils.

How to Clean A/C Coils

You may see advice online about cleaning these coils by spraying them with a hose. While this can be helpful, it isn’t the same as a professional, thorough cleaning. Midwest Clean Air uses special tools and cleaning supplies to clean your condenser coils.

First, we shut off power to the unit, then we take it apart. This allows us to clean the evaporator coils as well, which are located deeper inside the unit. These coils work in tandem with the condenser coils, absorbing the heat from the air in the building and then releasing it to the outside.

When either set of coils gets dirty or dusty, it makes it harder for your A/C to do its job. It has to work overtime, running longer, using more energy and costing more money, to cool your home or office building.

Once we get your unit apart, we hose it down and then spray it heavily with a commercial cleaner formulated to cut through dust, dirt and debris. We allow the cleaner to sit for several minutes for proper penetration.

Next, we agitate it with a special brush before rinsing it off. If the coils are not completely clean, we repeat the process.

Dangers of Dirty A/C Coils

Clean A/C coils are important not just to keep your system running smoothly and for longer, but also to help keep the air inside your home or office building clean.

If there is dust and dirt inside your A/C (or inside your air ducts), it gets blown around your house whenever the A/C turns on. Not only does this make the house get dirty faster, but it can make you and your family sick.

Continually breathing in dust and dirt can seriously exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms, resulting in illness, missed days of school and work, reduced productivity and a lowered quality of life.

Call Midwest Clean Air today to schedule an appointment to have your A/C coils cleaned. Pair it with a blower motor cleaning service, and be sure that your A/C is ready for summer. A clean A/C unit means cleaner air.