Blower Motor Cleaning

If your air conditioner’s parts aren’t clean, then your air isn’t clean. That’s why Midwest Clean Air of Omaha, Nebraska, performs cleaning services for A/C parts, including the blower motor.

Your A/C’s blower motor is vital to its operation. It’s composed of several parts, including the fins, housing and shaft. These parts work in tandem to both blow the cool air into your home and the warm air out of your home. But these working parts can get gummed up with debris.

Most A/C units are located outside, where they are prone to collecting dirt, leaves and other vegetation. Even the units that are indoors can become thick with dust.

Regular Cleaning Recommended

Your blower motor should be cleaned at least once a year to keep it in its best condition. Here at Midwest Clean Air, we have seen some blower motors that are in shockingly bad condition because they have not been cleaned in years.

All that dust, dirt, grass and leaves that’s clogging up your A/C gets blown through your air ducts and into your home every time your system kicks on. That leaves a coating on the surfaces in your home — furniture, bedding, countertops. And it gets into your lungs. All those impurities you breathe in can cause a number of symptoms, including:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Wheezing
  • Trouble breathing

Here at Wasatch Clean Air, we have seen some blower motor fins so caked with dust and grime that there is hardly any space left between them for air to get through. And what do you suppose that air is like? It’s filled with dust, dirt, pollen and more.

These contaminants get blown into your home or office every time the A/C kicks on. They cover your furniture and invade your lungs, causing asthma and allergy symptoms to flare up.

Steps to Cleaning Your Blower Motor

When we are called to perform a blower motor cleaning, we start by turning the power off to the unit and taking it apart. Oftentimes the fins are clogged with dust so badly that almost no air is getting through. The shaft that leads to the motor can also be covered in debris.

Fins and shafts in this condition mean the motor has to work extra hard to do the job necessary to cool your home. Eventually, the motor itself will burn out and you’ll have to replace it. This usually happens on a hot day, when the motor is working extra hard in an attempt to reach the temperature you have set for your home.

A technician might not be able to come that day. In fact, you may be forced to go without A/C for several days while you wait for repairs.

That’s why it’s better to schedule regular maintenance. We clean all your blower motor’s parts carefully, then reassemble the unit and test it to be sure it is working properly.

Contact Midwest Clean Air for A/C Cleaning

Don’t take chances. Call Midwest Clean Air today and schedule an appointment to get your A/C’s blower motor cleaned. You can pair your service with an A/C coil cleaning too — that way, you can be certain your A/C is up to the job for the hot Omaha summer ahead.