Sanitizing & Odor Removal Programs

When your home or business just doesn’t smell right, call Midwest Clean Air. We perform residential and commercial odor removal and sanitation services throughout the Omaha, Nebraska, area.

Your home or business can take on a number of unpleasant smells. Many you can identify: garbage, pet odors, cooking smells. These can sometimes be lessened with a deep cleaning.

But other times, you find yourself living with a smell that won’t go away, or one you can’t identify. You just know that you don’t like it.

Here at Midwest Clean Air of Omaha, we have smelled our share of bad smells. Over our 64-plus years in business, we have evolved to be the experts in identifying the sources of odors in residential and commercial buildings.

Common Sources of Odor

Odors can emanate from:

  • Drains
  • Garbage disposals
  • Refrigerators
  • Trash receptacles
  • Sewer lines
  • Water supply

One odor we frequently encounter is that of a decomposing animal. Even a critter as small as a mouse can emit a powerful stench when it dies. If its last moments are spent in your HVAC system, it’s all the worse, as the smell gets blown throughout your home every time the system kicks on.

Pet Odors

Although you may be familiar with pet odors, you may also be powerless to completely eradicate them from your home. Some dogs just smell worse than others. Fluffy dogs that go out in the rain seem to have a constant mildew smell about them. Some dogs have chronic bad breath or flatulence.

But the worst pet odor comes from them accidentally urinating or defecating inside your home. If they have an accident on the carpet, you can clean it, but the smell may remain because it can seep into the backing, the foam underlayment or even the wood flooring below.

Here at Midwest Clean Air, we use specially formulated, professional-grade cleaners to get the odor out of your carpets and floors. Our tools and supplies are stronger and work better than common home remedies.

Odors from Mold

Another common culprit is mold. You may smell mold before you see it. This musky, musty odor is more pervasive in basements and bathrooms. But mildew can grow anywhere where water or dampness is present. So if you have a leak in your roof or anywhere in your plumbing system, you may have a mold problem.

Midwest Clean Air of Omaha, Nebraska, finds the source of your mold infestation and sees to it all signs of this troublesome organism are eradicated.

Whatever the smell is in your home or place of business, Midwest Clean Air can help. Call us today, and we will see to it the only thing you smell is fresh, clean air.